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Types of Repairs #


Response time: made safe within 4 hours

For immediate health, safety or security risk or when further damage will occur if work is not carried out.

Temporary repairs may be done to make it safe until business hours, when proper repairs can be completed. You'll need to stay home (if it is safe) and able to be contacted until repairs are done. If a contractor arrives and you are not available, you may have to pay for this.

E.g. burst water service, gas leak, dangerous electrical fault, flooding or serious flood damage, damage that causes the premises to be unsafe/
insecure, or damage likely to cause injury to people or property


Response time: within 24 hours

A problem that is not urgent (as defined above) or an emergency, but is causing inconvenience and may develop into a health, safety or security
risk if not fixed promptly.

E.g. essential items such as hot-water service, heating and stove, no light in the home, other electrical fault, toilet fault, leak from pipe or base of
toilet, blocked drain outside the home.

Normal 7

Response time: within 7 days
General repairs for problems that are inconvenient, rather than urgent.

E.g. broken washing line, dripping taps, cracked but still secure windows.

Normal 28

Response time: within 28 days

General repairs and maintenance will either be attended to within one month or placed on the planned maintenance program, depending on
the nature and complexity of the work.

What does Centacare Evolve Housing fix, and what do you fix? #

It is important to us that the housing we provide is safe, secure and in good repair.

We are responsible for maintaining the structure and exterior of the property, and for completing repairs to a good standard.

As a tenant, you are responsible for the cost of repairing any damage caused by you or another person in your home. In an emergency or other unforeseen circumstance, we will carry out the work and charge you as the tenant.

Unfortunately, not all repairs can be completed on the first visit.


Our responsibility

We will repair or replace the following items due to wear and tear*;

  • Fluorescent lights
  • Common area lights (in complexes only)
  • Stoves
  • Locks
  • Smoke alarms
  • Doors and fittings
  • Taps
  • Fixed floor coverings
  • Internal and external painting
  • Clothes line
  • Downpipes, gutters and drains – except for blockages caused by you**
  • Boundary fences
  • Servicing heat pumps
  • Hot water cylinders

*wear and tear is the result of everyday normal use

** includes members of your household and visitors to your property

Your responsibility

As well as damage you** cause, you are responsible to pay for:

  • Replacement of light globes
  • Replacement of smoke alarm batteries, and testing and cleaning as required
  • Broken windows, as specified under the Residential Tenancy Act and reflected in your lease
  • Damage and holes in walls, doors and floors
  • Faulty appliances that are not listed as our responsibility and cause the power supply to trip
  • Blockages to sinks, toilet and drains (where caused by you or your visitors, even if it's accidental)
  • Pest and vermin control
  • Maintaining gardens, lawns and tree pruning, and removal of garden rubbish including lawn clippings and garden waste
  • Replacement of lost or stolen keys – if you are locked out of your home, contact a locksmith to gain entry
  • Repairs to any items that you have installed
  • Cleaning of heat pumps and heat pump filters, as required

** includes members of your household and visitors to your property

Maintenance FAQs #

I have a serious medical problem or disability. Can you modify my home?

Where tenants have serious medical problems or a disability, we can sometimes provide additional assistance and make modifications in some instances. Call 6173 0060 or message us at contact us for more information.

Can I organise work to be done if I am willing to pay for it?

If you wish to undertake maintenance yourself, then you must apply for approval in writing first.

You should also speak to your Tenancy Officer who will explain the conditions that tenants might have to meet. These conditions can vary depending on the type of work, and who will be completing it. Call 6173 0060 or message us at contact us for more information.

I am not sure if something is working the way it should

There are occasions when you may be unsure if something needs repair. If in doubt, contact us.

I have pests in my property

If dangerous pests such as wasps or bees are in your property you must let us know immediately, and we will assess what needs to be done. This would be considered to be a priority request.

If there are other, non-threatening pests in a property, then it is your responsibility to manage them. If you have problems with insects, rodents, or spiders, you can find supplies at your grocery store that can be helpful to treat your home. Make sure to always follow the manufacturer’s directions when using pesticides.

My smoke alarm is beeping

Smoke alarms are now hardwired or have long-life batteries. If they begin to beep, or you are concerned about maintenance of your smoke alarm, please contact us and we will have a tradesperson inspect and carry out repairs if needed.

Can I install a heat pump?

You can install a heat pump if you have written approval from your Tenancy Officer and you agree to some conditions. Contact us for more information.

Once you receive approval in writing you can arrange for your registered tradesperson to complete the installation. If you install a heat pump, it is your responsibility to maintain it. We do not provide repairs or maintenance for modifications you have completed yourself.